…one man's best friend

Video Gallery

Ricky Remembered–A look back at our times together with a little help from a friend (the original “JT”).


Just a Little Rain



Ricky Wake Sleeping (Sleeping with His Eyes Open)


Wild Ricky

Ricky never barked so when he made any kind of noise it was usually pretty funny.  His loudest vocalizations were howls. His barks were more like coughs or sneezes.  Sometimes I had no idea what he was barking at.  I wonder if he did or not?  (Music by GROOVE ARMADA)



Fun With Ricky

Here he was about 3 years old.  It’s just the crazy way he liked to play.


The Best Part of the Day

In this video, Ricky was about 4 years old. No better feeling that coming home to such a welcome…everyday.  Please pardon my really messy garage.



One-minute Video Slam Entry

This was a video I submitted Visual Communications (VC) for a special event they had. They asked some film makers to put together a quick 1-minute video about how the felt about the organization.  VC has been a home for me professionally and personally so the film is a broad allegory for home and family.



Fun with Ricky and Oscar

The boys never really had the kind of fraternal relationship that I had hoped they would have.  I guess I was just projecting my own feelings of missing out on not having siblings.  Ricky I think tolerated Oscar and probably wondered when he was leaving. I don’t know if they played much together when I wasn’t around.  Ricky would spend his time in his house and Oscar in the laundry room/gym.  But they did have their moments.  Their fighting with each other was always playful.  And one or the other could start it.



Coming Home Time

More video clips of coming home.  It became a mixed bag when Ricky got sick, but it still was the best time of the day.  Be sure to check out an appearance by SuperRicky!



Fun with Editing–Ricky on Patrol

I was playing around with some iPhone video editing software.  I took a video of Ricky going crazy on one of our walk (like in Wild Ricky, above). Not sure what he thinks he saw.  I think it was just a clay pot.  Two different scores on the video create somewhat different moods or tones. They’re only about 20 seconds long.




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